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How to Apply for the VBoom Award

Submit your entries by email or by post by 20 September. Here is our contact detail:
Call: +44 (300) 030 1230
Email: [email protected]
Post: Global Headquarters, 34 New House, 67-68 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8JY, United Kingdom
Note: A valid application would include the following credentials:

  1. An entry form, complete with all the required information
  2. Supporting information (max ten pages of appendices – optional)
  3. High resolution company logo (.png, .jpeg, .pdf, .eps, .ai,)
To know what our judges look for download our guide by clicking the button below:

VBoom’s prestigious Award ceremony acknowledges and endorses achievements, accomplishments, contributions, and values of customer care and their owners.

Are You Ready to Be an Award-Winning Business?

Tell us more! Does your business offer impressive customer service? No matter what your business strengths are, please share them with us so that we can make sure potential customers choose you instead of your competitors.

Our VBoom Award would highlight the good qualities and achievements of your team and motivate them. Winning an award increases confidence and increases business growth with productivity.

After all, the success of any company is a joint effort. The award your business wins is for everyone in the team.

We encourage our applicants to ensure they keep the date free and attend the awards ceremony because only those present will qualify for the award.
You can enter just one category or apply for multiple categories listed in our application form (subject to eligibility).

Business Practices or Company Culture

Does your company have a positive company culture both in-house and with outsiders like sponsors, local community members, and customers? How do you encourage and celebrate achievements by team members? You must provide evidence of on-going efforts you make to improve the company’s culture. We require genuine testimonials by team members.

Commitment to the Community

Two KPIs we use to measure your commitment to the community are how much extra revenue you add to the marketplace and how many jobs your company produces to help the community. It would help if you described your business activities and engagements that have a positive impact on the community. Please share details like the services or products you offer.

Best E-Commerce Business

You must specialize in one or multiple e-commerce platforms to apply for this category of VBoom Awards. You must show your customer’s journey on the e-commerce platform.

Best Manufacturer / Wholesaler

Demonstrate what has led to the success of your business this far and why. Share a detailed outline of your business goals and how you plan to achieve them. What have been your milestones over the past three years?

Best Retailer

The winner company will have proof of significant growth since its launch or in the past three financial years. Evidence of innovation, excellence in customer care, and longevity is also a requirement. Applicants can do this online or in a face-to-face meeting.

Best Import / Export Company

Export and importation are a very challenging business in these times. You must have a detailed and innovative plan for the success of your business. Share details of your plans and goals for the success of your business in the future. Also, highlight how you plan to achieve these goals.

Best Marketing Campaign

The KPI for marketing awards is the return on investment. Your application should include details about your marketing campaigns. This should specify your target market, the marketing message, and how you deliver the campaigns. The best candidates would demonstrate how their campaign stands out from your competitors. Evidence of the results of your campaigns and ROI should accompany the application.

Best Service Based

The winner will be based on customer services, not manufacturing. You must submit evidence of growth in sales each year. The actions you took to drive the company to success and details of the future will define your USP clearly.

Best Customer Service

Every business needs great customer service to survive. Some businesses go the extra mile to stand out from the crowd. We require details about how your company promotes and improves its customer service across the company. How does your team participate and contribute to ensure improvement in customer service? We require customer testimonials supporting your submissions.

Entrepreneur of the Year

Applicants must be 31 years or above. You must demonstrate innovative and effective leadership qualities that strengthen your business. Explain how you add creativity and vision for your business. Your application for this VBoom Award must include a detailed plan for your business goals and explain how you achieve the goals set in the past three years.

Honorary awards

VBoom acknowledges and appreciates people who give their best to the community or the company. The winner of this award will be able to prove his or her value to the organization or community at large with evidence. This could be in the form of recommendations and testimonials endorsing their valuable gestures or contributions.

Female Entrepreneur of the Year

The winner will be based on customer services, not manufacturing. You must submit evidence of growth in sales each year. The actions you took to drive the company to success and details of the future will define your USP clearly.

Adhoc Award

Winners of this award must show how they inspire us wit their amazing qualities or achievements. This award is for those who do not apply for the VBoom Award, but we feel they deserve acknowledgement and appreciation for their qualities and contributions to the community or industry. Achieving this award is not so easy because it is a timely award, which goes to people based on different inspirations at different times. Note – sometimes an Adhoc award may result in not shortlisting for a future award.

CEO of the Year

To qualify as the winner, you will demonstrate innovative and effective leadership qualities. Share how your qualities strengthen the business, make you a mentor and role model for the team. The application must include a detailed growth plan about how you aim to achieve success and your objectives.

Young Talented Entrepreneur of the Year

Applicants must be 30 years old and above. You must demonstrate innovative and effective leadership and how you strengthen your business. Outline how your role adds to the vision and creativity add to the company. Share details of your business goals and how you are working to achieve them. Also, mention the milestones you have achieved in the past three years.

Fastest Growing Company

We will assess the turnover growth of the company over the past four years. To win this award, applicants must demonstrate what drives the company to success and why. The application should include a detailed plan for the business goals and how you plan to achieve them.

Most Innovative Company

To win this award, applicants must submit a detailed outline of the processes used to research and produce new products or services. This should include details of the plans and strategies you will use to introduce the product or services to the market.

Entering Categories

Applicants for the VBoom Awards can enter one or more categories, subject to eligibility. However, we accept only one entry per business for any one category.

Entry Fees

Entry fees and sponsorships fund the VBoom Awards, exclusively. The application fee per category is £50 + VAT. If the organization books a place (or more) at our VBoom Awards Forum, we waive the fee.


Once you apply via email, you will receive an automatic response via email. We will notify you via email if you are a finalist.

Panel of judges

Sponsors of the event will be the judges. They will select the finalists and winners, and announce them on the VBoom Awards Evening.


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